Doula Details

Free Consultation 

After you have contacted me to be your doula, I will call you to find out a little more about you. During this time I will outline the care I do and don't provide. I will answer any questions you have and we will see if I am the doula for you!

If you decide you would like to use my services solely for birth support, I require being paid in full before you deliver your baby. If you are booking for both birth and postpartum care, you may pay the remaining amount for (postpartum care) at our last appointment. If you are only booking postpartum care, please have your payment ready on our first meeting.

Full Spectrum Care: Birth and Postpartum $800

Prepare and Support: Birth $600

Aftercare: Postpartum $200

I take CC, Check and Cash.

We can work out a payment plan that works for both of us.

*I am currently training to become a Doula, so I am not charging for my services. 

As a Doula, I Do Not:

Phone & Email Support 

Once I have signed on to be your doula, you have access to me at anytime-- within reason. This will be discussed more fully during our initial consultation.

2 Prenatal Visits 

In the month before birth I will come to your home, or you may come to mine, so that I can meet with your birth team if you have one. We will all get on the same page about what supporting you looks like. I will help to fill in any blanks about the process of birth, and pain management. We will discuss feeding options and even make a plan for after the baby arrives to help you transition into your new role.


Then the fun part, if you'd like a foot or head massage, henna on your tummy, or some prenatal yoga during our visit I am happy to oblige.

During labor 

As your doula I promise to assist you in achieving your birth goals. My job is to provide ongoing emotional and physical support for you and whoever else is there to aid you. I will advocate for your wants and needs. My goal is for you to feel safe and respected in your birth space so that you are empowered to do the incredible work of giving birth.

Baby’s first feeding support 

I will be there for the first feeding. Should you breastfeed, I will answer your questions, and help you to achieve your breastfeeding goals. 


I can also assist with bottle feeding, by helping you make an informed decision about the type of formula and bottles you use. 


However you decide to feed your child, know that you have my support.

2 Postpartum follow-up visits 

The days after birth are full of vulnerability, pain, and any number of emotions. We will schedule a time that is convenient to come and check on you and babe. We will discuss your birth and begin to help you process your experience. If you'd like I can write down your birth story while we chat.


I will check on your feeding and sleeping schedule-- for you and babe. And, best of all, I will provide a special massage, facial, and sitz bath for you. We can go over perineum care and I will give you instruction on how to rehab your core and pelvic floor.


*I will also be asking all my clients to provide a review of my care and services to turn into my doula training program so I can receive credit towards my certification. I will give you plenty of time to do that so it doesn't cause you stress.

Professional Information 

I have completed Mamaglow Doula Trainings for Pre-natal, Birth and Postpartum doula. I am now in the process of completing my written and reading assignments and the practical portion of the training, which is providing prenatal, birth and postpartum care to 3 birthing people. Once I have checked off on this I will be a Certified Prenatal and Postpartum doula. So I am providing free doula services for this first year while I complete my certification requirements. 

I have training in lactation management and I have breastfed 4 children of my own. I have attended births in the past, more or less in the doula role without certification. I also have experience and training in the Spinning Babies method of preparing the birthing person and baby to be in optimal alignment for birth. And, I used Hypnobirthing techniques with my last child-- I would love to share those techniques with my clients.


My day job(s) are teaching yoga, which I have been doing for 10 years, including while I was pregnant with my last two children.  I am a LMT with special training in prenatal, birth and postnatal massage.


I have four children, which I mentioned above, that I birthed without medication, vaginally, with the guidance of a midwife and doula-- although, I want to be clear that I support women in having whatever type of birth, with whatever types of medication they choose.


Perform any clinical tasks

I am not a doctor, midwife or nurse and I will not provide any diagnosis or care that is outside of my scope.

Make decisions for you 

Things change quick when we are in labor. I will try to remind you of your birth plan, and I will encourage you to stick to what you were once so passionate about. I will not override or undermine your decision in the moment or do anything else to disrespect your autonomy and right to change your mind.

Speak to the staff on your behalf

I can not speak for you, I can advocate for you. I will not overstep my bounds as this might put at risk my relationship with staff which could sour the atmosphere or cause other disturbances in your care.

Clean house, Babysit, Run Errands

The price of my services only covers my care for you. I am not a housekeeper or babysitter, I do not run errands or buy groceries. This is too ensure that my time is spent taking care of you and your personal needs. I am happy to assign tasks to other people who are around, but only per your request.