Where's Class?
Vital Current Yoga Studio is located about 2 miles North of Port Orford, just off HWY. 101.
Studio and Class Guidelines:
~You will be much happier if you do not eat for about an hour before class. 
~Questions and comments often arise while practicing. Please save them for after class so as not to interrupt the instructor or your classmates focus.
~extra mats and blocks are available, but you are encouraged to bring your own (your mat, your sweat, you get the picture!).
~The number of students varies from around 3-14 and is as predictable as the weather around here.
~Wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move in.
~ Please arrive on time (which means before class starts) so you can claim your space without interrupting everyone elses.
~We are lucky to have a nice thick foam mat floor that almost encourages you to fall on it. Please remove your shoes before stepping on it.
~Cell phones off when in the studio.
~And remember to have fun and let loose, you are amongst friends here!

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