Vital Current Yoga TT 200hr



2021 VCY 200hr TT


April 2,3,4,5           

April 16,17,18,19

April 30, (May)1,2,3

May 14,15,16,17

May 28,29,30,31


Vital Current Yoga Center in Port Orford, OR.



Early Bird $2000

After March $2300

So much more than practice

- Vital Current Yoga 200hr teacher training is certified by the Yoga Alliance. 


-This Alignment centered program uses a Hatha yoga framework to teach asana (poses).


-Learn how to sequence Vinyasa and Restorative classes.


-Take an honest look at yoga's history and philosophy. It may surprise you! 


-Understand our anatomy as it relates to movement and postures-- a key skill when constructing a class for ourselves and others.


-Develop your unique teaching style and voice with personal development practices and self observation rituals.

-Begin a business plan and learn how to market your classes.

Your Teacher

Heather Carpenter LMT E-RYT 500

Rural yoga is special. When I took my second 200hr I thought I needed to go someplace bigger, someplace with more yoga culture. So I took a very popular (and intense) 200hr with Rocky Heron, through Yogamaze in Portland.


I had already been a teacher for 3 years, but I still had a lot to learn.  One thing that stood out was how unrelatable some of the content was. Especially when we started to talk about class dynamics and the business of yoga.


I took my 300hr in Los Angeles. I chose to continue my training with the Yogamaze curriculum. It is challenging, it is no nonsense--it is honest. Qualities I have tried to carry through to my teacher training.


I was lucky to have my favorite teacher, Noah Maze, as my primary educator. He and Rocky are both internationally renowned, and have an incredible amount of knowledge to share. I learned so much about yoga and how to teach it from them. I made valuable friendships that have lasted through the years since I took those trainings. And, still, I felt like I was teaching yoga on a different planet then most my peers when we would discuss our communities and students.


My training is made for small town people. Besides being a yoga teacher I am a mother of 4, a working LMT,  a Doula and part of a community where everyone knows my name. Our populations ask something different from us. A lot of our students are beginners-- some have had no exposure to yoga. So they don't care if you can do a handstand or not. They don't care who your teachers are or where you went to school. They just want a teacher that makes them feel comfortable enough to try something new.


This yoga is not performative. It is skill in action and it is grounded in service. Our communities need yoga, with yoga teachers that care, who are relatable as much as they are knowledgable. So that's a big part of what we work on in training. Becoming the most authentic teacher we can be, so we can inspire others to feel comfortable being who they are in the classroom as well.