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Mindful Nature

May 3-5

Yoga retreat in the majestic redwoods...

Hello, I am so glad you're here. I look forward to our time together amongst the giants. These ancient beings have so much to teach us about community, stillness, and adaptability. They have withstood the test of time and have witnessed so many eras of civilization. They work together to share resources and can endure fire and drought alike. New life springs from their corpses and the cycle continues on and on, hopefully long after our time here on Earth. The redwoods are some of my favorite creatures on this planet, and I can hardly wait to go for a hike through the beautiful forest with you.

Our retreat will combine practicing and integrating mindfulness skills into our every day. Yoga is our ability to stay connected to ourselves and our environment. Presence is a skill like any other, and it needs practice. Mindfulness keeps us present. Cultivating mindfulness as a way to stay connected/present, even in times when we could just go through the motions, is a tried and true way to ground. 


When we pluck ourselves out of our daily lives, we can interrupt and observe our patterns from a different perspective. Self study does well with a bit of levity.  When you're among peers who can reflect back to you similar struggles, similar wants and needs, you begin to realize you are not alone in your seeking and there is nothing wrong with you. 


I hope you feel restored from this experience, so you feel resourced to go back into your life and begin to be more mindful. We live in a world... and it ain't always pretty. These few days together, lets co-create a space where we feel safe to explore our edges, and begin to fully inhabit ourselves through mindfulness and acceptance.


We will stay in a Victorian style home outside of Crescent City, set on a beautiful piece of property surrounded by redwood forest. Close to hiking trails, there is a small pond on site along with the gorgeous scenery all around. You will be fed a nourishing breakfast and dinner made for us at our retreat space. Limited snacks and beverages will be available, you are welcome to bring your own. Lunch is not provided- explore Crescent City and find something yummy in this quant coastal town. Wifi is available--cell phone use is discouraged during meal times, and during class.

Practice consists of restorative yoga, meditation, and yoga through a somatic lens (soma yoga). Please bring a journal, a water bottle, and any yoga gear you like to use. Let me know about dietary restrictions ahead of time.


On Saturday, we will take a group silent hike through the redwoods via the Nickerson Ranch trail. It is a moderate hike, 1.9miles. You are not required to hike if you would rather spend your free time elsewhere.


*Sickness happens- Please do not attend if you are sick (negative covid test if your cold is mild), contact me and we can discuss a partial refund. Thank you!!

Room 1

Early Bird (before April 26th: $575

After: $625

Room 2

Early Bird (before April 26th: $575

After: $625

Room 3

Early Bird (before April 26th: $575

After: $625

Room 4

Early Bird (before April 26th: $550

After: $600

Room 5

Early Bird (before April 26th: $475

After: $525

Car Camp

Early Bird (before April 26th: $400

After: $450

Sofa or Floor

Early Bird (before April 26th: $400

After: $450

Private Room, queen bed

*Share a private room with a friend/partner and they pay only $400.

Private Room, queen bed

*Share a private room with a friend/partner and they pay only $400.

Private Room, queen bed

*Share a private room with a friend/partner and they pay only $400.

Private Room, Sofa bed

*Share a private room with a friend/partner and they pay only $400.

Shared Room, Single bed (bunk bed) (2 spots)

Use your rig, camp on site

Crash on the couch, or floor.



5:00-5:30 Arrive and Settle

5:45-6:40 Dinner and Intros

7:00-8:30 Journaling, Restorative yoga, Guided relaxation


9:00-9:30 Breakfast

9:45-10:15 Journaling and Meditation

10:20-10:50 Break and Snack (prepare for hike)

11:00-1:00 Silent Hike -Nickerson Ranch Trail

-Lunch and Free time-

5:00-6:30 Soma Yoga

6:45 Dinner and Social time


*8:00-8:30 Breakfast

8:45-9:15 Journaling and Meditation

9:30-10:45 Soma Yoga and Closing Circle

11:00 Check out

*Time subject to 9am change if I can secure a noon checkout..

Your host

My name is Heather Carpenter LMT, E-RYT 500hr

Hi! A little bit about myself--I am a mom of 4, yoga studio owner, and massage therapist. I have been teaching yoga for over 13 years and offering massage for a decade. My recent studies have drawn me to Poly-vagul theory- a nervous system approach to wellness. In the past, I have studied with world-renowned yoga teachers such as Noah Maze, Tiffany Cruikshank, and Paul Grilley among others. My current teacher, Prasad Rangnekar, has been an indispensable guide into study of yoga scriptures and philosophy. Somatics have been a god send for myself and are the bridge between what I am studying in Poly-vagul theory and yoga. I enthusiastically share my knowledge and love for yoga, anatomy, somatics and everything else I have learned while being a student to these practices and modalities.

*Preview my teaching at Heather Carpenter Yoga on YouTube. There are over 100 videos to choose from.

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Refund policy

60% refund 1 mo. prior

20% refund up to 7 days prior

No refund after April 26th

Ready to sign-up?

~Make a $100 deposit through venmo or paypal to secure your space. Pay in payments or in full before April 26th- venmo, paypal or check. Please message me below or text me at 541-366-1011.

~Indicate which room you would like to book, and any dietary restrictions.

~Please share an email and phone number you like to use and how you're paying. I will give you my paypal/venmo/address when I receive your email or text. (First come, first serve and very limited space as you can see.)

*Share a private room with a friend/partner and they only pay $400

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